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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.

You. We. Soul food.

We believe that eating is more than just a means to an end. Eating is a pleasure – and you need time to enjoy. Therefore, THE HEY is for us much more than a classic restaurant. It is our world of food and drink. Or, put differently, we would like you to take your time and try something new, taste different things, sit down at the table with your friends – and enjoy. 

A modern open lobby concept with many different dishes awaits you at THE HEY RESTAURANT. We serve small, fine dishes, from vegetarian to stewed, healthy junk food to hearty small stuff. The principle: just like Spanish tapas or oriental meze, our dishes are served in small portions. Placed in the middle of the table, everyone can try a little of each dish, whilst chatting away to their heart’s content. In short, enjoy together! 

Wait – do you prefer to eat your own soup? No problem: needless to say, we also serve individual dishes.

Small plates, big pleasure

One table, many plates, your selection: just try what you fancy. Our concept is based on small dishes for sharing – for big flavour. Fresh, seasonal ingredients meet regional products, international dishes are served with homemade lemonades, craft beers and wines. In short, at THE HEY RESTAURANT, there is soul food for everyone.

Grab morsels, try something new, lean back, relax, enjoy together. It’s time to share.

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