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Soul food. Sharing dishes. YummHEY. Colourful and varied. To try and to share. For more togetherness.

HEY, foodie!

Come in, make yourself at home. It’s our policy: Eating is the world’s most beautiful minor matter. And beautiful things are shared, precisely. Thus, at THE HEY RESTAURANT Interlaken a very special kind of food experience awaits you: delicious sharing dishes, fancy small plates, international soul food. Colourfully mixed together for all– for more choice, more enjoyment. And above all: For more togetherness.

HEY, it’s great you’re here!

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You. We. Soul food.

We believe that eating is more than just a means to an end. Eating means enjoyment – and you need time to enjoy. Therefore, THE HEY is for us much more than a classic restaurant. It is our planet earth of food and drinks. Or said in another way: We would like you to take your time, the time to try something new, taste different things, to sit down at the table with your friends – and to enjoy.

A modern open lobby concept with many different dishes awaits you at THE HEY RESTAURANT. We serve small, fine dishes, from vegetarian to stewed, healthy junk food to hearty small stuff. The principle: Just like Spanish tapas or oriental meze, our dishes are served in small portions. Placed in the middle of the table, everyone can grab, try and discuss together to their heart’s content, i.e. enjoy together!

Wait – do you prefer to eat your own soup? No problem: Needless to say, we also serve individual dishes.

Small plates, big pleasure

One table, many plates, your selection: Just try what you want. Our concept is small dishes for sharing – for the really big taste. Fresh, seasonal ingredients meet regional products, for example the cheese of our cow HEYDI, living and grazing on an alp nearby. Also you will find international dishes as well as homemade lemonades, craft beers and wines on the menu. In short, at THE HEY RESTAURANT there’s soul food for everyone.

Grab morsels, try something new, lean back to relax, enjoy together. It’s time to share.

Better together

Inside, outside, eating, drinking – everything can be done at our place. Because: We like it to keep it simple, casual and above all: communicative. Our restaurant has an open design; long wooden tables invite patrons to cosily sit together, relaxing chairs ensure the extra comfy feeling. And then there are naturally our bar and the terrace, two real eye candies with regard to meet & greet. Look around!

Meet me at the bar

It’s known that the best conversations take place in the bar. And when the drinks are the right ones too, then nothing else can go wrong. From the early bird to the night owl – from a full-flavoured coffee creation from our barista, to a strong craft beer, a good wine or a fresh-fruity lassi: Take a break at our HEY BAR!

You and I. One cool drink. Or three. The good times.

Here comes the sun

Granted, we cannot promise you daily sunshine – but when it’s there or the temperatures are favourable – then our terrace is your place to be, place to eat, place to drink, place to EVERYTHING! Here, you will enjoy a cool beer, fancy street food and the colourful hustle and bustle around the marketplace.

See you soon!

Sounds yummy, HEY? Is your mouth already starting to water? Drop by! You find us in the middle of Interlaken. So we can already preheat your seat, please book it – and HEY, we look forward to seeing you!

Food & Drinks

HungrHEY, thirstHEY or just up for a drink? Check out our food and drink menus at THE HEY RESTAURANT & BAR! Here you will find everything your heart desires ... at least everything that we can put on small and large plates, in cocktail or wine glasses. Hm, and beer? Of course there is also beer … but you will drink out of the bottle. Correct, right?

In this sense: TastHEY times and bon appétit!

A little party ...

You are in a good mood, we are in a good mood: Allow us to start something together! At our THE HEY RESTAURANT, we offer the most delicious culinary events on a regular basis or allow ourselves to be carried away by the sound of cool singers and DJs. Would you like to be there? Look what we’ve planned for the near future!

You will soon find our upcoming events here.

Picture this

We can write a lot – but it’s worth your time to have a look at our picture gallery. After all, nobody wants to buy the pig in a poke. So have a lot of fun rummaging!

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